2021 Triathlon Season Recon


Everybody is starting to get really curious about what type of race opportunities will develop.  A VERY wide variety of opinions exist currently ranging from: "no real races" to "totally normal race season".  As a planning committee member of the Canada Games Triathlon we plan to host in Niagara this summer I can tell you the truth is somewhere in the middle and although its hard to predict things accurately just yet I believe once we reach July we should have a very recognizable triathlon season experience we can all enjoy.

The spring time is likely to be a very challenging time though so lets keep our hopes up and our training programs in full spin.  The later in the summer we go the more predictable and "normal" things will get so lets plan around that expectation.  For your convenience I have provided links here to the couple triathlon series news articles.  Stay tuned for more.

Subaru Triathlon Series News post: https://www.trisportcanada.com/latest-update/

Multisport Canada Tri News email link: https://conta.cc/2MWzha3

Feel free to contact me for more information as the coming days and weeks develop into a season outlook we can plan around.


Coach Tweeds